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Robinson Family

Reverend Adam A. Robinson already knew Dr. John C. Pelot when Robinson and his wife, Rebecca (née Gibson), were sent by the Episcopal-Methodist Conference to the Village of Manatee. Rev. Robinson became a prominent citrus grower, Supervisor of County Public School Funds and part of the Bureau of Immigration during his lifetime. Prior to his interest in ministry, he was a lawyer and held political offices in Georgia.

While Supervisor of Manatee County Public School Funds in the 1870s, Robinson secured a teacher for a new school with the condition that the community would also educate its black students. Although there were only three families willing to send their children to school, it was a tall order during that time. After a period of time without any candidates, his wife, Rebecca, volunteered to teach the students in her home.

After Rebecca’s death, the Reverend married Lucy Daniels. Lucy was the stepdaughter of Reverend John T. Duncan who came to be the minister in 1885. Duncan was blind and required that Lucy or her stepsister, Madge, bring him to the pulpit during services.


Rebecca Robinson - Grave #46

Rev. A. A. Robinson - Grave #47

Lucy Daniels Robinson - Grave #48

All images taken by MVHP staff in 2022 unless otherwise noted.


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