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Visitor Rules

In the interest of preserving our historic structures and artifacts for future generations:

  1. No smoking anywhere on the museum campus. You must smoke off of our property.

  2. No food or drink inside the buildings.

  3. Please use caution and be prepared for the weather. 

  4. Be careful on uneven walkways and uneven ground.

  5. Please keep your dog on a leash and please clean up after your dog.

  6. Dogs are not allowed in buildings. Pet carriers or strollers are not accepted. 

  7. Service animals only in buildings.

  8. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

  9. Please do not climb on the train engine. Use the stairs to enter the cab.

  10. Visitors must wear shoes and appropriate clothing at all times. 

  11. Please do not feed or handle the chickens.

  12. Do not touch the artifacts or objects on display.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are pets allowed?

    • Pets (including those in carriers) are not permitted to enter any of the buildings but may walk along the walkway, courtyard, and grass areas.​

    • Please clean up after your pet and keep your pet on a leash. We have pet waste bags available at the front of the Village and in the courtyard towards the back (south side) of our property.

  • What about Service Animals?

    • Service animals are welcome inside the buildings.​

  • Do you have manatees?

    • No, our name comes from the Village of Manatee, which did take its name from the marine mammal. The nearest place to visit manatees is at the Bishop Museum of Science and Nature.

  • ​Is there a café on site?​

  • ​​What do you have for children at this museum?​

    • Ask for a copy of our Historical Scavenger Hunt in the Wiggins Store. Visitors can search for the artifacts listed and ask for a prize after completing the Scavenger Hunt.

    • Pick up an Activity Book 

    • Junior Junction is our train-themed playground located at the back (south) end of our museum grounds. Children must be supervised by an adult to ensure safety. 

  • Do you accept monetary donations?

    • Yes! Cash or check donations can be dropped off in the receptacles inside the Wiggins Store and credit or debit card donations can be made by speaking to a staff member or volunteer or visiting the gift shop during open hours (10 AM - 2 PM). 

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