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Mission & Vision

Preserve Real Places, Tell Real Stories

Our mission is to preserve & share the heritage of Manatee County's founding period (1840-1918). The Manatee County Historical Commission, Inc. does this by:

  • Advocating for historic preservation and cultural tourism;

  • Preserving historic buildings and artifacts;

  • Educating the public through our programming;

  • Creating and maintaining the historical environment of the Manatee Village Historical Park; 

  • Raising community and financial support to maintain and expand these efforts.

Statement of Beliefs:
We believe that knowing where we come from helps us understand who we are. We are committed to:

  • Empowering our county-wide historical partners to effectively preserve the resources that keep Manatee history alive.

  • Teaching Manatee County citizens and visitors to value historic assets to help create economic opportunities and foster a sense of place.

  • Supporting a culture of creativity and excellence for our staff.

  • Serving Manatee County residents and visitors with the highest standards of professionalism, responsiveness, consistency, accountability, and ethics.

  • Promoting Manatee Village Historical Park as a premiere regional living history center.

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