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Symbols on Gravemarkers

Iconography (symbols) on gravestones are a way to tell a story about the person buried there in an artistic manner. Those included in the Manatee Burying Ground are below.

Book: The story of a life, a Bible, (closed) a final act written; (open) perfect knowledge

Bird (Dove): Peace, Innocence, Messenger, Important animal in Christianity

Fleur-de-Lis: Life, Perfection, and Light

Flower (Calla Lily): Beauty, Marriage, Fidelity

Flower (Rose): Purity (White Rose), Martyrdom (Red Rose), Child (Rosebud), Elderly (Fully Opened Rose)

Hand: The hand of God pointing upward signifies the reward of the righteous, confirmation of life after death

Ivy: Immortality, Memory, Undying Affection

Lamps with Flame: Undying friendship, the eternal flame of the soul, concurring ignorance, flame of life eventually extinguished by death

Masonic Symbol: A member of the Freemasons; Fraternal Societies allowed members to have markers with the symbol; the Square and Compass symbol resides at the heart of Masonic lessons, beckoning all Brothers to live a life that is honest, true, and dignified

Obelisk: Soaring, pointed heavenward, a symbol for new life

Shield: Military Service

Palms: Triumph over Death, Resurrection

Tree (Oak Leaves, Acorns): Life, Strength, Prominence of the Deceased

Tree (Weeping Willow): Mourning, Immortality

Wheat (Sheaves Of): Long and Fruitful Life, Divine Harvest, Reference to God taking his own

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