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Want to relax and just watch something? Our staff members have put together short videos of our wildlife, chickens, and historical buildings for your entertainment.

Sit back and enjoy!

Meet the Chickens

Watch the chickens grow up through photos at Manatee Village Historical Park!

Chicken Friends

Thank you for being a chicken,
I mean, a friend!

Find out what naughty thing one chicken likes to do.


You don't have to be a history buff to enjoy your visit.


Chickens get the "zoomies" too.

Chicken Walk

A bored chicken finds something shocking.

Chicken in the Church

When they all look at you at the same makes you think.


Rent space for your next birthday party, baby shower, family reunion, club meeting, wedding, photography...


Just as bad as a cat or dog.

Picnic with a Chicken

A short story about the fierce mockingbirds that call our museum grounds home!

Bird Drama

Volunteer Appreciation

Due to COVID-19, we did not have our 2020 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. So we made a little video instead. Thank you, volunteers!

Videos: Meet the Team
New Chickens

Find out what our chickens did when they met our new chickens!

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