Vanderipe Family


James Vanderipe settled on the Braden River with his wife and family in the early 1840s. After a few years, he left to return to Kentucky and disappears to history. His wife, Nancy Vanderipe, moved to Key West and married James Cunliffe, an English blacksmith and wheelwright. Around 1854 they returned to Manatee where they became closely associated with the Burts family who arrived at roughly the same time. Sara Vanderipe and William Vanderipe, children of James and Nancy Vanderipe, married Wilbur Burts and Eliza Burts respectively. William became a leading merchant and store owner as well as a county commissioner. He was also a citrus grower and founder of the Bank of Manatee. Another Vanderipe son, James, became the inspector of marks and brands for the Myakka area. He married Flora Ellen McLeod at Gamble Plantation during Christmas, 1862. She died in 1871 and he married Sarah Lee, daughter of pioneer Rev. Edmund Lee, in1872. Sarah died in 1878 and was buried in the Lee Family cemetery. Rev. Lee disliked Vanderipe so much that a year later when he died, Lee refused to let him be buried next to his wife. Instead, James Vanderipe was buried across the street in what is known as the “Lone Grave.”

Vanderipe, James W - #19 Taken 03-2022 (2)
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Vanderipe, William A - #31 Taken 03-2022 (2)
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Vanderipe, Lewis H - #32 Taken 03-2022
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Cunliffe, Nancy - #33 Taken 03-2022
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Vanderipe, Frankie - #34 Taken 03-2022
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Left to Right (Top Row): 

James W Vanderipe - Grave #19

William A Vanderipe - Grave #31

Lewis Vanderipe 2022 - Grave #32

Nancy Cunliffe 2022 - Grave #33

Left to Right (Bottom Row) 

Frankie Vanderipe 2022 - Grave #34

All images taken by MVHP staff in 2022 unless otherwise noted.