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Resources during
COVID-19 Closure

Our site is closed temporarily but our staff members are still working to keep you entertained! Check out these resources appropriate for various ages and abilities:

Jigsaw Puzzles

We're making jigsaw puzzles of our museum buildings and nature scenes!

Crafts & Games

Make your own butter and other pioneer crafts and games! These activities help to learn more about life and entertainment during Manatee County's founding period

Crossword: Food

Crossword puzzle on foodstuff and other items during Manatee County's founding period

Bear Hunt

Use the sidewalk to stroll around our site or drive by and look for the 3 bear banners we've hidden! While we are temporarily closed, we wanted to be a part of the #weregoingonabearhunt movement! LIMITED TIME starting April 2, 2020 and lasting until our banners start to fall apart!

Crossword: Buildings

Crossword puzzle on Manatee Village buildings & history

Coloring Sheets

Print these sheets to color Spaniards in Florida, a fishing village, Billy Bowlegs, and a pirate

Crossword: Jobs

Crossword puzzle on the types of farming and other pioneer jobs from Manatee County's founding period

Florida Stories App

Take virtual tours of our area's historic places. Download the Florida Stories application from Florida Humanities!

Mobile: Click here to download the app

Computer: Click here for computer desktop version

Crossword: Historic Bradenton

Crossword puzzle on historic Bradenton buildings and history. This one's more difficult, so we've put the answers right here for you.
DON'T LOOK if you want to try it first! Have a building or place you'd like us to add? Let us know!
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