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Games & Crafts

Many of our crafts and pioneer games come from our field trip activities and supplemented with other sources below. Please supervise children and those who need assistance to ensure safety. 

butter making for web.jpg


Make your own butter:
Use small containers and fill each 1/4 with heavy whipping cream. Shake the container for 5-20 minutes and watch and feel it become butter! Spread onto a graham cracker for a yummy snack. Click the button for instructions from the "Little House on the Prairie" website.


Game of Graces

Challenge your gracefulness! Use or make any kind of stick (pencils, rulers, dowel rods) and any kind of circle (make out of pipe cleaners, floral wire). Make another stick (or more if you have several players). Use the sticks to push the circle out into the air and the other person catches it. Click the button to watch a video of how it's done from Plymouth Public Library.

ball and cup craft pioneer game from PBS

Cup & Ball

Make your own cup & ball game! You can use anything with a cup or cylindrical shape (plastic cup, toilet paper roll, clean yogurt cup) and your choice of sphere (ball, rolled foil or paper, beads, or even a small toy). Click below for instructions on how to make your own from PBS.

playing cards games puzzles pioneer capt

Card Game

Card games were played by the Wiggins family (they owned our 1903 Wiggins General Store) and many others!
"Historical Games" provides easy instructions below for a fast-paced game called "Snap"!
(Image: Manatee Libraries)


Mini Garden

Plant a seed and watch it grow:
Wet a paper towel, place flat inside a plastic bag, and add 1-3 dried beans (or seeds or uncooked peas). You can also put the beans under one of the layers of paper towel to keep it in place. Tape bag onto a window that gets sunlight. Water as needed and watch it germinate! Click below for instructions from Scholastic.

cotton candy from tastemade.jpg

More Crafts!

Our Pinterest board features a collection of other crafts and activities: How to make hand-pulled cotton candy, honey taffy, jerky, quill pen, berry ink, corn husk doll, paper lanterns, candles.

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