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Our resources are appropriate for various ages and abilities. You can play the puzzles and quizzes on any device or print one of our worksheets for coloring and more!

Back to Schoolhouse

These humorous digital shorts depict school in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Teacher "Miss O'Leary" teaches "Miss Rachel" in the Village of Manatee.

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What's your Pioneer Job?

You're living in the Manatee County area between 1840 and 1918.
What would you do for a living?


Digital Events

Check out our "events" where we list our future events and any past digital events that are still available!

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Watch our short videos featuring our chickens and more!

Kids can learn about Blacksmiths, Cow Hunters, and the Civil War in these activity books.

Designed to supplement our Civil War activity book, check out these review games to test your knowledge in a fun way.

african american union soldier photo fro

Civil War Review

Activity Books

Jigsaw Puzzles

We're making jigsaw puzzles of our museum buildings and nature scenes!

squirrel tree puzzle effect by pictureto

Hands-On Activities

Make your own butter!

Experiment with these activities to experience "life back then."

Crossword Puzzles

Easy to play on any device or print it out! 
Crossword topics include an easy "food" puzzle, a medium "buildings" puzzle and a difficult "blacksmith" puzzle, and more.

Digital Tours

Take virtual tours of our site

and our area's historic places.

Learn more by visiting our

"Plan Your Visit" page

(click the image or click below).

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Entertainment: Meet the Team
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