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Crossword Puzzles

We've listed our crossword puzzles from Easy to Hard. It's easy to play on any device and printable for your convenience. Just click the word you'd like to start with (such as the box with the number "1") and it will highlight the clue. After reading and then typing your answer, press enter or go (depending on your device) and the word you've typed will turn green if correct. Cheat-sheets are pictured for the most difficult ones. Have fun!

Crossword: Food

Crossword puzzle on foodstuff and other items during Manatee County's founding period.

Difficulty: Easy

picnic at Osprey Guptill family Lizzie a

Crossword: Jobs

Crossword puzzle on the types of farming and other pioneer jobs from Manatee County's founding period.

Difficulty: Medium

EB Rood delivering strawberries strawber

Crossword: Buildings

Crossword puzzle on Manatee Village buildings & history. Check out our "Buildings & Exhibits" tab if you need some hints!

Difficulty: Medium

wiggins store from inside through the ca

Crossword: Blacksmith

Crossword puzzle on blacksmith tools, metals, and the types of blacksmiths. This crossword is more difficult, so we put the answers right here.

DON'T LOOK if you want to try it first!

Difficulty: Hard

key answer blacksmith crossword puzzle w

Crossword: Historic Bradenton

Crossword puzzle on historic Bradenton buildings and history. This one's more difficult, so we've put the answers right here for you.

DON'T LOOK if you want to try it first! Have a building or place you'd like us to add? Let us know!

Difficulty: Hard

crossword puzzle key answers - historic
Crossword Puzzles: Meet the Team
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