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Blacksmith Shop

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Blacksmiths were important to the settlement of our area. The pioneer blacksmith made settlement possible in any new area by providing farm tools and various architectural and functional objects. Even settlers who already owned these items needed to bring them to the blacksmith for repairs or sharpening. 


Our blacksmith shop contains a forge used to heat the metal so that it can be shaped over the anvil.  Some blacksmiths had bellows to get the fire very hot by blowing air over the coals. It was then dipped into a quenching bucket, which contained a liquid to cool the steel.


Photograph of the replica Blacksmith Shop taken by Eric Hilton, 2022

Three basic liquids were used: plain water, salt water, and oil. The liquid was chosen for its boiling point and its ability to either cool slowly or quickly depending on the strength of the metal being used. If cooled too quickly, it would crack. This blacksmith shop is a reproduction of the type that might have been used in this area.

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